Hi! I'm Suraj S Jain

A Techno-Utopian innovator who wants to build technologies that drives change towards a better future.

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Email: surajsjain@hotmail.com

Phone: +1 (979) 721-2995

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What i do

My Interests

Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning

Internet of Things


Back-end: Django
Mobile: Flutter & React-Native
Front-end web: React, TypeScript


Cryptocurrency APIs

Featured Projects

Checkout a few of my works

Internet of Things & Full Stack

Smart Aquaponics with a Dashboard

A compact, automated, and open-source organic farming system that can be used anywhere, at any scale!

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Blockchain and Full Stack


An open-source payment gateway for cryptocurrencies that maintains privacy in Cryptocurrency purchases online.

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(Research Like) Deep Learning

Object dimension measurement by its image

A convenient approach for determining the dimensions of an object by its image, without using a complex calibration set-up or expensive sensors.

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Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Full Stack

Safesact (Project in progress)

Using Machine Learning to make online cryptocurrency transactions more secure, and protect users from cryptocurrency scams before they happen.

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Deep Learning and Full Stack

Social Media Analytics Tool

Analyse the tweets on any business or a topic with advanced filters and a smarter fetching.

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Blockchain and Full Stack

Universal Medical History (UMH App)

A platform for people to book doctor visits and track prescriptions, doctors to track patients' medical history, and selling of medical history data to support medical research, insurance, and more.

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I love to share my achievements

Hackathons Won 3
Projects Done 14
Published Research 2
Unpublished Papers 2

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